"Rock University has been and continues to be an OUTSTANDING experience for our son. Not only has it allowed him to progress musically, but, his self-confidence has grown tremendously as well. What a great return on our investment!!! Thanks Rock U."

Bob Quindlen
Sewell, NJ


"My son was only 9 when he started with Rock University and we were skeptical about what was going to happen. Jason really wanted to join and it was a pilot program so we joined. The way the kids were brought together to make a band was incredible. When they first got on stage, I couldn't believe how they really made music. Jason has been in Rock U for a year now and has played in various venues, from a concert inside to outside concerts to street parties. Not only has he learned more about music than he would have if he only had lessons, but he has been exposed to new genres. He gets to use his lessons and love of music in a way that most kids can't. Playing with a band is what every kid who takes music lessons dreams of. At Rock University they get to live the dream! He loves it and will continue for as long as he can!"



"My daughter is fifteen and has always loved to sing. However, she is very very shy and unsure of herself. (I should say WAS). She heard about Rock U from a friend that participates. After she saw one show she wanted to join. Of course I was skeptical thinking there is NO WAY she would get on stage in front of 100 + people! I explained to the leader that she has a terrible fear of talking or singing in front of people. This fear has hindered her from trying out for singing parts in school and participating in things that she would enjoy and be good at. So.. I was completely BLOWN AWAY when I saw my daughter singing at a Rock U concert in front of 100 or so people! SHOCKED at how far she has come in just 3 months. She is now on her second show and doing great! Of course there is a lot of hard work and practice that goes into it. I believe that the money spent on Rock U was more than worth it just to see my daughter feel great about herself and using her talent. She is also having a wonderful time and making many new friends! She has now tried out for a special singing event for school next year and made it, she was thrilled! Last year she absolutely refused to try out for anything! That alone was well worth the time and money!"

Tunersville, NJ


Finally, an outlet for kids who are musically inclined!
Aside from his normal guitar lessons each week, Rock-U
provides the opportunity for our son to learn and perform with other young musicians under the guidance of a truly experienced staff (A Double Bonus!).

The assignments are well balanced and perfectly structured, The
learning advantage is tremendous!
Rock-U is the perfect answer for our child's musical abilities. Not
only is it fun for him, but He will definately grow as a musician
under the Rock-U family.

Tony Congialdi


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