1. How good of a musician do I need to be to join Rock U?

We have kids of all abilities, from beginners to top-notch players. The great part is that the beginners learn from the better players, which helps them advance more quickly.

Here are the minimum abilities you should have to join Rock U:

Guitarist ­ play basic chord
Bassist ­ play basic rhythms
Drummers ­ play basic beats
Keyboardist ­ play basic chord
Singers ­ Have the gut to get up in front of people and sing your heart out!


2. What is the experience of your instructors?

We have two types of instructors at Rock U:

Lesson Instructors ­ Our instructors are the best in the area. Most of our instructors have degrees in music and teach for a living. They do not do it as a hobby or for extra money. They are professionals and take their job very seriously.

Rehearsal Instructors ­Unlike other schools, our staff members have professional experience playing in front of a lot of people. They have been on tours and know what it takes to play a show. They put together the BEST ROCK SHOWS!!!


3. How do we learn the songs for the show?

First and foremost, we want the kids to learn how to play songs. We hope they can eventually learn to play by ear because, except for studio musicians, there is no reading of music in Rock n' Roll. Before they train their ears, we like to use tabs to learn the music. Tabs are finger placement notes for guitar and bass. We also like the kids to find tabs on their own. This is a learning experience so finding the right tabs will be part of their education ­ do not worry, we will help you!


4. Can I join in the middle of a season?

Yes, we can usually add a student within 3-4 weeks left in the rehearsal schedule. How many songs he or she can participate in for the upcoming show will depend on the student's ability.


5. What kind of equipment will I need for rehearsals or shows?
Rock U supplies all amplifiers, drums, keyboards and sound systems. As a matter of fact, what makes us different than other schools is that we use professional equipment that kids normally cannot afford. This way they can learn about gear, too.

Guitarist/ Bass players just need their Axe
Drummers ­ sticks
Keyboardist and Singers ­ a good attitude!


6. What if I already take lessons elsewhere or privately and do not want to switch teachers

No problem ­ if you just want to participate in the Rock U program without lessons, you can do it for $100 monthly.


7. What if I do not need lessons, but want to join Rock U.

Although we recommend lessons because they are a very important part of maximizing your talent level, we will allow students to join without them. However all students must carry their own weight. If the student cannot learn the songs or slow down the progress of the show, we will do everything we can to help, but may still require the student join a lesson program.

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