Another great perk when you join Rock U...
You get to ROCK with some AWESOME GEAR!

Learn how to use, and hear what it's like, to play with some of the top-rated Pro Concert Stage Gear.


When we started this school, we had a few primary goals in mind. The first was to have the best teachers available for the student. Partnering with Old Town Music accomplished this; we have the most experienced, dedicated and caring instructors of any competing rock school. Secondly, we wanted to have the best gear available for the students to use. This is very important, because we've seen other school shows where kids work hard to put on a good show and it falls short because the school won't invest in quality equipment. At Rock U, we use the same equipment the pros use. Here are a few examples...

 TRIPLE XXX HALF STACK ­ The lead guitarist uses this amp - it is a 120 watt 3 Channel Tube Amp with a powerful 412 cabinet, Just like the one used by pro's like Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skyard and countless other rock stars!  
   VALVE KING 100 HALF STACK ­ This amp is used by the second guitars for both rhythm and lead guitar. It's a 100 watt 2 channel switching amp with a matching 412 cabinet. Using 4 6L6's this amp rocks
 Digital modeling HALF STACK ­ A great full featured 100 watt amp with 20 different sounds making it a great versatile amp for any guitarist. So we use this amp for acoustic and electric guitar.  
  TOUR 450 / 610 STACK - In order to rock you can't use a combo bass amp, you need power and lot's of 10" speakers. So we have a 450 watt amp with full band EQ. The 410 cabinet and 210 cabinet are matched for extreme low end.
 DW DRUM SET ­ We have this 6 piece DW kit with a double kick pedal so we can play anythong from the Stones to Rush. We even invested in brilliant finish Ziljian cymbals. This kit is a kit most teenagers would never have the opportunity to play.  
  SOUND SYSTEM ­ Although the stage equipment is second to none, our rock shows would be less than average without a great sound system. So we have a 24 channel digital sound board, over 5000 watts of power and high powered professional front end speaker system. We use top end three way monitors so the students can hear themselves clearly. Every guitar amp, drums and vocals are mic'd to there own channel. The shows are produced just like the shows you see in stadiums.

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