We started this school for the kids

Let's face it ~ lessons alone can be isolating. The student arrives for the lesson, runs into the small room, gets a half hour with their teacher, then goes home. Students have little to no interaction with other students ~ other musicians. The student can have the best instructor in the world, but without putting that knowledge to practical use, students lose interest and don't reach their maximum potential. This school put kids together who want to rock!

We at Rock U realize the only way to really learn to play and perform is to do it. We teach kids how to practice together, how to learn a song, timing, stage presence and everything else to maximize their talent. The students get to play with 30 other musicians (not just 3 or 4 if they are lucky enough to form a band on their own). With Rock U's classes, they can learn from each other as well and create life long friendships. And most of all have fun.

The next stage (no pun intended) is to put our students on stage in front of people ~ many people. We get them on stage as much as we can. Students will do real concerts ~ not recitals, but Rock 'n' Roll shows that we put together with professional equipment, lights and state of the art sound systems. We also reach out to other venues and the community to have them perform on a regular basis.

The results: It's amazing to see the confidence level rise with every kid after only one show. Not only does their confidence rise, they improve significantly after just a show or two. We find shy kids coming out of their box, kids who have been struggling with their instrument shine. This is why we do what we do, for the kids. That is the reward.

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Rock University
13 Week Session

Age Range:
7-18 yrs old

Experience first-hand what it's like to be a REAL Rock 'n' Roll Musician. Participate in LIVE, ON-STAGE Classic Rock 'n' Roll Concerts!

Give your music career a huge advantage with this fun, educational and valuable program.
Become a Rock-U Student and get:

· A Private Music Lesson Once A Week
· Weekly 3 hour Group Rehearsals
· Participation in Live Concerts Every 4 Months



Private Lesson Once A Week
Weekly 3 hr Group Rehearsals
Participation in two Live Concerts Every 4 Months

Open Registration Throughout The Session

$190 per month with weekly private lesson

Already have good playing skills?
Join Rock U Only (without our private lessons): Only $115 per month